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Former Salon Client Gives Home Color Flying Colors

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Let’s face it – going to the salon can be a daunting task. With the hours spent in the salon chair, inconsistent results, and the high price tag many women have decided to take matters into their own hands and try customized home hair color from eSalon.

“The product is superior to anything you can buy off the shelf in a professional beauty supply,” said eSalon client Stacy A. “I’ve never had better,  more consistent color results at any salon – no matter the price range – in any city from NYC to Seattle… I’ve used eSalon for over a year now I’m so impressed,” she added.

“It was the exact hair color I was looking for…That in between shade that you just can’t get from store bought colors and can’t get (afford) every month at the salon,” said another delighted client.

eSalon’s answer for hair color

Considering eSalon, at $22, is less than what many women tip their colorists, they’re delighted to have finally made the switch. What’s more, many love that their hair looks consistently good from coloring to coloring. “My hair color turned out just like I wanted it to every time….It’s easy to apply, and the support is there if you ever need it,” said Toni A. “The price is outstanding compared to the $150.00 I was spending at my regular salon! Now, I only go in for a trim,” she added.

eSalon knows that mass made drugstore color in a box couldn’t possibly work for everyone. So they craft each eSalon color—one-by-one—using the precise formula they feel will best attain a woman’s goals. Creating awesome custom color is the only thing that preoccupies this team of colorists!

High-quality ingredients and pigments go into the advanced salon-grade formulas, which allow eSalon to deliver superior gray coverage, along with rich, long-lasting, healthy-looking hair color.

The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it’s made only for you. And for a total hassle-free experience, each hair color order is delivered right to your door, and the color is just $22. That’s a far cry from the $100-plus you’d pay at a salon!

Just ask eSalon’s colorists how envious some can get: “It’s so bad, we’re sometimes reluctant to tell other colorists what we do. But we’re proud of the service we provide for professional women.”

Worth a try!

Customized hair color – developed specifically for you – truly makes a difference. eSalon has been recognized by many high-profile publications, including Allure, NewBeauty, and RealSimple. Additionally, eSalon has received a number of prestigious awards – InStyle Magazine named it “Best of the Web,” Total Beauty awarded it “Best Hair Color,” and Allure named eSalon “Best Home Hair Color” five times. Plus, eSalon won Allure’s Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Hair Color” in both 2019 and 2020!

Your eSalon kit even comes with a professional coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, shampoo and conditioner – besides the guidance of expert colorists. To top it off, eSalon has a special offer for new clients: Get your first custom color kit for only $15 (a 32% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Click here to give eSalon a try and get this special offer!

Team of inspired colorists trying to empower women to be masters of their own hair color!

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