Personalized Hair Rituals: Never Have To Share Your Hair Products Again!

Curly Girl Problems Solved with Made-to-Order Shampoo and Conditioner

By Rupa Brooks

Ini Campbell didn’t mean to snoop in her sister’s bathroom. Okay, maybe she peeked around a little, catching wind of a product labeled with her sibling’s unique name: “Omnira.” Was there a new line of hair care that she didn’t know about? As a curly-haired girl, she had to find out. “I knew my sis wouldn’t like that I was being nosy, but I had to know what was in that jar,” the 26-year-old said.

After a typical sibling spat, Omnira explained that she ordered personalized products from AURA Hair Care, now her go-to Ritual for her spiral curls. “Soon as I told her it was a Masque that also came with Shampoo and Conditioner in my name, she ran to my shower to see for herself,” the big sister laughed. To Ini, it was no laughing matter.

Waste No More

When spring cleaning her apartment, Ini uncovered over a dozen half-empty hair bottles in the depths of her cabinets. “I’ve spent thousands of dollars on products that either dry out my ends, make my head itch, or just leave my curls frizzy, and here’s my sister using just three products for effortless hair,” Ini said. “Seeing that I had more unused shampoos than shoes, I knew I had a hoarding problem, and that felt so wasteful,” she admitted.

Sustainable and Available

For Omnira, sustainability led her to AURA Hair care, which uses recycled materials for its packaging, vegan ingredients, and no parabens. Taking inventory of the products Ini had collected, she was shocked at the number of chemicals and fragrances she had mistreated her hair with over the years. Omnira explained that her products cost $28 each and that when AURA launched, it had a waitlist of more than 7,000 orders but is now available to everyone. That was all Ini had to hear before grabbing her phone to take the online quiz and get her own formula.

A Dose of Hair Therapy

By answering AURA’s questions, Ini said she felt like she was getting a dose of hair therapy from the “bad relationship” she had with brands that didn’t make her feel good about her hair. “The quiz hit on my issues and offered so many possibilities to match me with what I wanted and needed,” she said. After inputting details on her hair type and hair goals, she had the option of adding a temporary pigment, like a Fantasy shade, Classic shade, or Neutralizer and choosing the intensity. “I went for French Lavender as my fun, temporary shade, and the scent Island Reverie as a nod to my last pre-pandemic vacation in the Bahamas,” she said.

Make Your Own Hair Care!

A Curl of Difference

Dumping old hair products became easy for Ini, and soon after, new ones arrived at her doorstep, with her formula labeled in her name! After her first wash and conditioning with AURA Hair Care, she said she felt the softness, texture, and healthy scalp she’s always wanted in her hair journey. She was pleased that the soft lavender hue she chose for her Masque and Conditioner vibed with her dark hair. In her first Mirror Moment, she felt confident about starting something new and was glad to have Ominira for inspiration. “They say curiosity killed the cat, but in my case, it got me the definition and nourishment my hair deserves!”

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